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Sulabh Corporation was incorporated in 1974 with the aim of importing & distributing quality raw materials and industrial electrical heating products. Since then we have solely focused on this industry and are considered one of the oldest and most reputable dealers in India today. We are a family-owned & operated business.

Our sales are predicated on our expertise of the electrical heating products industry and we are happy to assist and advise clients, old and new, depending on their product requirements. Our endeavour is to carry forward our solid reputation into the next generation, with emphasis on operational efficiency and constant research on changing trends in our industry.

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Check

We persistently check & re-check our products for superior quality

Competitive Pricing

Our know how of the industry affords us efficient purchasing, hence making our pricing very competitive

Prompt Delivery

Over the years our warehousing practices have evolved and we are able to offer customers speedy dispatch of products

Our Products


Country - UK

Variations - CB, CBST, 5B, 3LS, 3L, 3LA, 22SR, 22SR - 80, 22SR - 200, HPC Hot Plate Cement

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Ferrous & Nickel Base Wire (Kanthal)

Country - Sweden, India

Variations - DSD, A1, LT, N80, N60, BH, (Flat & Round, SWG 0 - SWG 42)

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Ferrous & Nickel Base Wire (Cronix VDM, KL, Spark, Alloy Wire)

Country - Germany, China, UK

Variations - SWG 0 - SWG 42

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DIEHL Time Switch

Country - Germany

Variations - 880 On/Off, 880 With Hands, 885 With Reserve, 880 Grey 4 Round

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Fused Magnesia-Magnesium Oxide


Ferrous & Nickel base wire

Turk + Hillinger

Heating Elements & Products